Matthew’s philosophy of massage

It is Matthew’s belief that it is a privilege to work with his clients.  Clients enter a sanctuary and place of refuge when they step into Raining Faith Massage for their massage.  As Matthew works with his clients he facilitates the change that happens from within the client’s own body.  He strives to empower clients to become aware of what is happening within their body.   It is his
intention to seek to educate the client in regard to discoveries they realize on the table.   When the client proceeds home with this new realization they can in turn incorporate change for them while they are away from his office.

Services offered at Raining Faith Massage
• Sports Massage – Matthew got his introduction to massage therapy through bicycle racing. After receiving much massage therapy he began to learn from Soigneurs (A French word for massage therapists that work exclusively with cycling teams) how to work with cyclists. He has worked with Olympic Champions, World Champions and National Champions. From 1991-1992 he worked with an elite amateur cycling team that placed four riders on the 1992 Olympic Cycling team that competed in Barcelona, Spain.

The work offered for physically active people or “recreational athletes” is centered on the following philosophy. Pre-event preparation helps to keep athletes healthy and strong while preventing potentially debilitating injuries. It is much easier to prevent injury than to treat it once it has happened. However, Matthew has experience in treating muscle strains and ligament sprains to aid in injury recovery. Post workout massage helps to aid in recovery after heavy training periods while incorporating rest so that the athlete can take the “next step” in their training program.

Currently, Matthew works with cyclists, runners, swimmers, triathletes, softball players and tennis players. If you are active and looking to compete in an event then this is the type of massage for you!

• Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic Massage is used to address chronic pain, injury dysfunction and postural dysfunction.  This type of massage is commonly referred to as treatment oriented massage. Orthopedic Massage is comprised of various techniques that may include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, facilitated stretching and cross fiber friction.   Lymphatic drainage techniques are also used in addressing sprained ligaments and strained musculature in the context of reducing inflammation.

In working with injuries the techniques employed repair and remodel damaged soft tissue.  Often subsequent sessions are required to obtain positive results and at times treatment work is done in conjunction with physical therapy.  It is also important to know whether the client has seen their physician regarding the injury.  This is important due to the belief that it is a professional courtesy and in the client’s best interest to keep the primary physician aware of the work that is being conducted with their patient.

Due to changes in Colorado law auto insurance no longer covers massage therapy unless you have a special rider as a part of your insurance policy. Contact your insurance company directly to see if you have this rider included or to see if you are eligible for massage therapy.

Orthopedic Massage can also address postural dysfunction.  Postural dysfunction can be a primary cause of chronic pain for a large population of people.  Massage addresses muscles that have become chronically shortened over time and works to lengthen the responsible muscle.  In connection with this dysfunction other muscles can become weak due to being in a lengthened position.  By lengthening the shortened, overly strong muscles and strengthening the long, weak muscles a better balance is achieved and better posture ensues.

• Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage focuses on the relaxation of the client and is geared toward reducing stress and increasing the general health of the client.  A massage cream is used and generally the goals of the session are to increase circulation of the body and relax the musculature.  A Swedish session can range from invigorating to completely relaxing.  To achieve the state of body and mind
that they desire the client dictates the goals and direction of the session.