2012_springCelebrating 18 years of Massage Therapy in Broomfield

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Raining Faith Massage is currently temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your personal safety comes first and it is the opinion of Raining Faith Massage that hands on massage therapy is currently not safe to do until we have further facts, data and information regarding Covid-19 and massage therapy. 

It’s my belief that health care providers should practice what they preach. To that end, I maintain an active lifestyle in order to practice my profession and also understand what it feels like to have and live in an athlete’s body. I’ve got a whole different site where you can read about my outdoor adventures in trail running, backpacking and yoga, three activities that I enjoy on a regular basis. You can find that sight here.

Relax, enjoy, comment and I hope this becomes a great resource for you toward maintaining great health! Contact me directly if you have any questions.
In good health,
Matthew Gibble
Owner – Raining Faith Massage, Inc.

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