Raining Faith Massage, Inc.
Matthew C. Gibble – Colorado Licensed Massage Therapist #1064
1347 McIntosh Ave Broomfield, CO 80020

Email – rainingfaithmassage@yahoo.com

In June of 2002 Matthew received an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies and his education consists of over 1300 hours of supervised training and direction at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, (BCMT), located in Boulder, Colorado. As well as being an honors graduate from BCMT he is a current member of the American Massage Therapy Association, (AMTA). As a member of the AMTA, Matthew is covered with professional and general liability insurance in the amount of $6,000,000.

Raining Faith Massage offers a variety of massage techniques. These include Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Facilitated Stretching in working with acute and chronic pain. Sports Massage is offered for pre-event preparation, injury prevention and post-event recovery. For clients looking to maintain wellness, Swedish Massage is offered with an approach to staying ahead of potential trouble areas. Clients experience a wonderful full body massage that works out trouble areas before they manifest into major problems.

Raining Faith Massage is located in the lower level of Matthew’s home with an office and reception area, full bathroom for the convenience of his clients and a private room used exclusively for massage.

Unique Features of Raining Faith Massage

Raining Faith Massage is located in the city and county of Broomfield.  It is owned and operated by Matthew C. Gibble, a resident of Broomfield since 1991.  The office is located within his home on a quiet street in the central part of town.

Upon entering his practice, clients are interviewed in a reception area decorated with live plants and comfortable wicker furniture with soft pillows.  Fresh flowers are always in the reception area and in the summer Matthew cuts them fresh from his garden. Paintings and photographs of wildflowers by local artists decorate the orchid pink walls. The atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful.

After checking in with Matthew, clients are directed to the massage room which is decorated in soft tans and with more live plants. More art from local artists adorn the walls. The lighting is controlled by dimmer switches, which are adjusted according to desired goals of the client.

Matthew’s background before his education entailed nine years as an elite amateur cyclist and two years as the manager of an elite amateur cycling team. He culminated his association with cycling by overseeing four of the team’s rider’s make the 1992 Olympic team. He now maintains a healthy lifestyle through running, backpacking, yoga and getting outside as much as possible.

Clients of Raining Faith Massage enjoy sessions that are tailored with the client in mind. Matthew believes that awareness and acknowledgement of that which lies within the body is the key to unlocking the chains that bind us down. He is
not a healer, but seeks to facilitate change within a client’s body.

As sessions come to a close Matthew invites his clients to relax for a few minutes before getting off the table. Upon arising they notice a bottle of water that he has left by their clothes. Clients that are on a treatment program can expect suggestions for postural correction and simple treatment methods that can be useful at home for managing pain.